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michela wariebi

Michela Wariebi is an established beauty expert who fully embodies true artistry.  Her consistent work with globally recognized artists in the industry and universal cosmetic brands makes her a go-to artist for runway, beauty editorials and print media. Precision and attention to nuanced detail is what takes Michela’s artistry from average to extraordinary.

Her career began in the corporate sector and there she honed her skills in business, time management and entrepreneurial endeavors. Combine her warm personality and savvy business acumen and you not only get an artist, but a leading expert and educator in the beauty industry.

As a licensed instructor for makeup, navigating an extremely detailed curriculum for Make Up For Ever at their New York Academy allowed Michela to encourage other artists to reach for their dreams in a supportive and constructive environment. Her diligence and patience are core attributes that many say helped elevate them to the next level in their careers.

Michela thrives in collaborative efforts, knowing when to challenge the status quo and when to support a leader in their efforts.  Powerhouse brands like Mehron Makeup, Danessa Myricks Beauty and Beauty Blender call on Michela to work as a consultant on product development and idea generation as well as a brand ambassador and platform artist.

Her fearless approach to beauty is what gets her booked and her humble attitude inspires others around the globe to work hard, stay focused and never give up on your dreams.